What Happens After Death In Harambism?

After Death in Harambism

One of the greatest questions one can ask is “what happens after I die?”, this is an incredibly profound question because it has a lot of secondary implications. For example: if there is no afterlife then what is stopping me from doing whatever I want – as I won’t be punished by some higher power, or the opposite, if an afterlife does for a fact exist – why would I even want to be alive instead of in the paradise of the afterlife.  In this I will be explaining the thought process behind the word of Harambe on this huge topic, and I hope you all enjoy.

            To put it simply, Harambism has no answer to this question, as it is too dangerous for anybody to know. We can, however, speculate on what lies beyond the great wall of death.

            The mystery of not knowing what happens after you die is one of the most beautiful parts of it, for if we are told an absolute truth, all meaning of life ceases to exist. By this I mean there are only 2 options (assuming we are told an absolute truth), either there is an afterlife, or there is not. This brings up the dilemma stated in the beginning of this reading – either answer to this question results in a complete loss to the meaning of existing.  The answer everyone wants is that there is indeed an afterlife, and it is a paradise unlike anything we can imagine. Now, while this sounds like a nice theory, there is one major problem with this answer and that is – if there is a paradise after I die, why would I want to be alive? This is a very easy hole to fall down and it is why we are not told that there is indeed an afterlife, for if there was a 100% chance of one, all life becomes a meaningless waiting game just to die and move to the ‘better place’. However, the other answer to this question is equally as troubling.

In the first example given, where there is no afterlife, many people would take this as an opportunity to do whatever they want. Good or bad deeds would lose all meaning as there is no real ‘reason’ for people to not do horrible things.  This is not saying that people should not have the free will to do whatever they please, but it conflicts with one of the cores of Harambism – love oneself and don’t worry about what other people do, as long as they themselves don’t affect anyone else negatively.  If you believe in the complete absence of an afterlife, then you must accept the fact that by definition, life itself has no meaning, in this case we are all just bundles of atoms floating on a rock in space that will eventually be dust someday. This does carry some good as well, as this would mean that there is great purpose in doing everything you have ever wanted, as you only have this one short life to complete all of your achievements.

Nobody can tell you which of these options is true, but that is the beauty of it. It’s up to you to decide what you believe and then act accordingly. One good strategy around this is to combine your life into a mixture of these two truths. Live your life to the fullest, as if you only have the years you are blessed with to do everything you have ever wanted to do, but while you are on this journey make sure to stay true to yourself and do your best to bring up those around you. If you live like this then this question should not need answering – as you have had a fulfilling life, you are ready for whatever lies beyond.

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