The Importance Of Confidence

The Importance Of Confidence


Confidence is one of the most important things that any single person can have. With confidence you can just do what you want, that person you have a crush on? You can ask them out no problem when you are confident. That business proposal that you want to pitch to investors? When they see how much you believe in yourself, you’ll have to tell them that they can only invest so much!!


Humans are very simple mammals when you really get down to it – body language, subliminal social cues and physical attraction play huge parts in every interaction we have.  All 3 of these factors are directly affected by your confidence. When you are more confident you will stand taller, you will allow others the pleasure of following in your footsteps and people will just find you more attractive. When you stand taller, people instinctively respect you more.  Their brains assume that you have better genetics and you had better nourishment as a child and therefore you are to be respected, to the same sex as a rival and the opposite sex will view you as a goal. These subconscious readings into your height will make people like you more (on average) and it is truly amazing how having differing levels of confidence can drastically alter the outcome of your life.


Here lies the problem, confidence is a cyclic pattern. You either have a lot -> people like you more -> you gain more confidence, rinse and repeat or you have no confidence -> people like you less -> you have less confidence, rinse and repeat.  If you had good parents and happened to be in the first cycle then good for you! You have been blessed with a gift that not many have. However, this information is for the rest of you – how to gain confidence without the approval of others.


The best way to do this is to simply improve yourself – whatever that means to you. Whether that means getting better grades, getting stronger, losing weight, getting rich or anything else. You have to remember to do these things because YOU want to, not to please anybody else, for example – don’t lose weight just to impress your crush. The reason for this is simple, if you work out to impress a crush and they get in a relationship… what’s your motivation now? Just like that you will lose all motivation and you will stop all improvement. We have seen it all too many times to count. Improve yourself to make yourself proud! I will go into this in much more detail in a later article that will be linked (HERE)


Thank you for reading and I hope you have learned the importance of confidence and at least have the starting blocks on how to improve your own confidence. May Harambe be with you all.


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